The early bird catches the worm!
Are you ready to get what you desire?

The Morning Ritual

For whom is the Morning Ritual?

This program is for you, if...

  • you have an active lifestyle and would like to start your day with positive energy and relaxation.
  • you are all over the place and don’t know where to go from here.
  • you would like to reconnect to your inner self, so neither small nor big doubts will stop you.
  • you would like to start your day with power and a strong commitment to you and your life.
  • with all the noise around you, you would like to become aware of your own voice again.
  • you have big plans and are ready to authentically bring your visions to the physical world.

Why a Morning Ritual?

We live in hectic times with an ongoing information flow, trends and a ton of requirements. It’s so easy to loose yourself and the connection to your awareness until the voice of your heart starts to fade away. It’s easy to compare yourself to others and to diminish yourself by doing so.

Maybe you are in a super dynamic & highly creative phase of your life. You’re full of energy.

During the Morning Ritual you will strengthen and empower your energy and the connection to yourself.

Maybe your whole life is changing and everything around you seems to dissolve. Does that scare you?

I would like to tell you a secret:
Just because from an outside perspective, you don’t have anything any more, doesn’t mean that you are nothing.

And this is exactly the connection we would like to strengthen. That’s where we are going start each morning, so that you will not be in fear and doubt about yourself, but go out relaxed and with confidence and be aware of what’s 100% true for you and attract that!

Does this sound familiar to you?

You start a new relationship, a new project, whatever you do, and you are full of ideas, but nothing really comes to fruition, you forget about it or you get the feeling that it’s not really yours.
At some point you get frustrated and start to question if there is anything wrong with you or if you’re not able to pull it off.

You quickly become enthusiastic and you don’t give up easily. You hope someone will help you to finally break through in your career or that you can finally settle down with a person in a relationship. You secretly hope, that this fight and struggle, the disappointments and frustration finally come to a stop…

​The greatest fear often lies within ourselves, to be true to yourself and listen to your inner voice.

We are rather unhappy and a victim, than facing the fear.

This would be the shortcut. But we prefer to take detours.
After all you have a whole lifetime to get there.
Your life is always now.


You can’t avoid yourself.
You can postpone the moment.
But the truth will always be there.



The Billion-Dollar-Lady sessions, as well as the complete program opened up new possibilities in my life. Thanks to the energy of the Billion-Dollar-Lady, it became possible or rather is it possible for me to find my greatness and the feeling of joy and expansion even in situations where I feel small, wrong or a lack (of money, time or anything else). The daily sessions always took me back to the space of „everything is possible“ and because of that so much more is actually possible! Thank you!!! ❤️

Beatrice Köck

René: ​Hey, just wanted to say this again - it was amazing from beginning to the end! Will be in touch!


Dear Corinne, usually a client wouldn’t write anything like this, but here it is anyway:
I am convinced that people who come into my life are there for a reason. Sometimes for a short period of time or even forever.

The reason is not always obvious from the beginning.
With you it is clearly your „discover your true greatness“.
I, for sure, am going to take this with me on my way back to Lebanon, so I can give my Peace Keeper time a beautiful place in my life.

Thank you so much for showing me this and much more.

A grateful Dutchman, JAN.


Wow, Corinne's December Special is simply great 💎🤩 I’m fully being the Billion Dollar Lady energy.
It’s a beautiful thing to start each morning with her videos.

Corinne has a wonderful gift to show me the amazing vibration where everything is possible for you. I love being part of this and am looking forward to the next video tomorrow.

Simone Herzog

„The work with Corinne goes deep and is light, freeing and to the point a the same time. She is like a psychedelic session without the addition of any substance. She is challenging you - to get out of your shell - to be who you are. Magical.“

Patrick Köck

The Morning Ritual?

Because you think big. Because you are different. And because you are taking a moment of time every morning, for YOU and for YOUR DREAMS, so they can become true.

After all, how should something BIG get created without YOU?

How does the Morning Ritual work?

  • We meet every morning at 6:30am CET for 30 minutes on FB LIVE
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Weekends off: - no Morning Ritual
  • Saturdays: Zoomcall for group coaching and Q&A
  • Sundays: Free, empower your vision
  • Requirement for participation: You agree to be on live every morning, if possible

What happens during the 30 minutes?

  • I will guide you through exercises that empower the connection to yourself and to what you would like to bring to this world
  • With a series of dynamic questions, we invite new and great possibilities to come to fruition
  • Ritual of Gratitude for the abundance in your life

What do you get out of the Morning Ritual?

  • Boost your confidence.
  • You will become more conscious of the connection with you and all of the greatness.
  • You will stop feeling like you're fighting all by yourself or being a victim.
  • You will become the creative source of your reality.
  • You will be in the flow.
  • Everything flows to you effortlessly and without a fight.
  • You will have your back and know what’s true for you.
  • Your joy and greatness will be expanding.
  • If you are in doubt or don’t know how to move forward, this will give you the strength to keep going and find your way again.
  • You will become aware, that you have the ability to change everything and bring light to each situation.

Are you joining us?

Do you have your own back?